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Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any further questions at: (888) 718-TOUR (8687)

Turnaround time varies based on our project workload. Typical turnaround time for each completed project is approximately 7-10 business days. Completion deadlines will be provided per project and are partially dependent on client’s cooperation in prompt response/feedback on image, video proofs and virtual tour production.

Vultus 360 reserves the right to alter deadlines due to unforeseen circumstances that can hinder a timely project delivery or compromise the integrity of the promised work.

Category: Lead Time

We strongly recommend you choose Vultus 360 to host your virtual tours. Doing so will guarantee load speed and consistency of the user experience as well as allow us to quickly process post-delivery updates and change requests. We can provide reliable, low cost hosting support for our interactive 360° Virtual Tour services. Our private servers are specifically calibrated to handle “resource-intensive” content such as virtual tours.

Depending on your business’s web hosting provider, we can provide your webmaster the files necessary to install the custom tour files to your own website.

Some of our custom Virtual Tour packages include hosting for up to 1 year. Our Google Street View optimized Virtual Tours are hosted with Google Maps.

Category: Hosting

Our services are custom-tailored to each business’s needs. There are numerous factors that go into each properties’ pricing structure; square footage, type of business/property, web hosting, and more. Pricing will vary based on services needed.

We offer 3 types of Virtual Tours:

  1. Custom 360° Virtual Tours for Commercial/Business
  2. Google Street View Optimized 360° Virtual Tours for Commercial/Business
  3. Residential Real Estate 360° Virtual Tours for REALTOR® Property Listings
Category: Pricing

Our virtual tours are 100% multi-platform compatible and can be viewed on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android and within any browser (Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.).

Our leading software technology and multi-platform compatibility provide you with full HTML5 support and ensure your virtual tour concepts receive optimal visibility online, across all device lines. Depending on your customized virtual tour, we can optimize virtual tours to be compatible with most VR goggles.

Category: Compatibility

Immersion is the perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. The immersive format of our tours displays a panorama as a spherical image that appears to surround the user. By converting a panorama into an immersive virtual tour, it allows viewers to navigate freely within the panorama (look left, right, up-down, move from one panorama to the next one as if you would move from one room to the other, or open other media and info boxes integrated into the panorama).

Immersiveness lets viewers virtually step into the scenery and navigate their way through the customized tour. Immersiveness goes hand in hand with interactivity and both adjectives describe major features of what distinguishes a virtual tour from a plain photo or panorama.

Category: 360° Virtual Tour

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