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Immersion is the perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. The immersive format of our tours displays a panorama as a spherical image that appears to surround the user. By converting a panorama into an immersive virtual tour, it allows viewers to navigate freely within the panorama (look left, right, up-down, move from one panorama to the next one as if you would move from one room to the other, or open other media and info boxes integrated into the panorama).

Immersiveness lets viewers virtually step into the scenery and navigate their way through the customized tour. Immersiveness goes hand in hand with interactivity and both adjectives describe major features of what distinguishes a virtual tour from a plain photo or panorama.

Category: 360° Virtual Tour

A panorama is comparable to a ‘flat’ photo with a wider field of view. If you want your panorama to come to life, you need to project this image inside a 360° sphere. This is what will give you the impression of actually being there – You can then pan around, look up, down, left and right, and feel like you actually are in the middle of the scene. On top of that, you can add interactivity, music, photos, videos, and much more to enrich the experience.

This 360° spherical, immersive experience is what’s called a 360° Virtual Tour.

Category: 360° Virtual Tour

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